House League/Select League

UpdatedSunday April 1, 2018 byDenis Archambault.

House League Select/REP Division


We now offer a House League\Select Division.  This allows us to separate players into Divisions by skill set.  There are many great benefits in doing so which will only help our sport and program grow.

The new HL/Select Division will be identical to our House League program in terms of price, game days, game times, number of games and locations** (** Please see Inter League Play with Oakville below). 

How do I register to play in the HL/Select Division:

During the Online registration process simply choose Select Division for you appropriate age group.

We will then contact you at a later date with more information.

Will this be offered for all age groups:

As always everything is based on the number of registrants we have in an age group.  We will review numbers and interest at each age level to determine what is best for that division.  If we feel Inter League Play with our affiliated Oakville MBHL is the best solution we will inform you prior to doing so.  Please see below for clarification on **Inter League Play with Oakville Minor BHL

How will the teams be made up:

Tyke (ages 7 & 8):  NOT AVAILABLE.

Novice to Bantam (ages 9 to 18):  For these divisions the players will be drafted by the Coaches who have applied and been selected to volunteer.  See below for some details on the draft process and rules.  More information will be available shortly.

NOTE:  BMBHL has the right to move any player From and To the HL/Select Division.

How are Friend Requests handled:

Our preference is always to honor Friend Requests when possible.   Please keep your friend’s skill level in mind when considering playing in the HL/Select Division.  

Can a child play both Regular House League and also HL/Select/REP:

We encourage players to play at the proper level against appropriate opponents.  We will review each case on an individual basis.  Many factors can way into the decision such as availability of spots in age group.

How to become a HL/Select Division Coach:

We will need to select the Coaches as soon as possible.  Coaches will be selected by the BMBHL Board.  To become a Coach please fill out our Coach’s Application Form which can be downloaded from our web site League Home Page.  We hope to have all the Coaches selected by mid March with anticipation of holding HL/Select Tryouts in early April. 

What is **Inter League Play with Oakville MBHL:

Where we can’t floor 4 HL/Select Burlington MBHL teams in a specific age group to run our own Division, we will evaluate doing Inter League Play with Oakville MBHL.  This means your team would have weekend games in Burlington and Oakville Arenas.

Team Drafting Rules

  1. A maximum of 3 Coaches will be allowed per team.

  2. All three Coaches get 1 Coach's Player Pick plus 1 additional Coach’s Pick for a maximum of 4 Reserved Player Picks.All teams will get the same number of Reserved Player Picks regardless of the number of coach’s they have.So a team with only 2 Coaches will still get 4 Reserved Picks if any one team gets 4 picks.

  3. Drafting sequence will be done by random draw.

  4. The 1st round of the draft will be in the sequence determined by the random draw.The 2nd round will be done in reverse order.This process will be repeated until all teams have been filled.

  5. At the completion of the draft process there will be have a Trading Session where coaches can make trades if other coaches are willing to make any.

We will update the process with more details as we formalize it.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.