How to Register

UpdatedThursday January 23, 2020 byLynn Bell.

HOW DO I REGISER?  Where is the form?

We keep getting asked this question, and we thought we would try and help everyone out.

On the HOME PAGE above the scrolling photos is a banner that says "Click here to register".  Click on it!

It will take you to the next step and follow the easy questions to the end and hit "Enter/Submit", and then you can pay online with credit card or if you finish the process and want to pay via Etransfer or Cheque then finish all the steps and click "No Payment" and this will flag us you are paying another way.

Send Cheques to the Main Office: 688 Peele Blvd, Burlington, Ontario L7R 3B9

Send Etransfer to:   (then email us the password you set for the payment to

REMEMBER: Earlier Bird Discount ends Jan.31st!!!! No exceptions!

Season starts April 18th - Saturday       Schedule/News Updates to be released April 13th.