Game Information

UpdatedThursday December 12, 2019 byDenis Archambault.

What days are the games played?

  • Learn To Play program:  Saturday morning. 
  • Houseleaguea and Select SPRING programs:  Games are played on weekends, Friday evening through Sunday afternoon with most of the games on Saturdays. There are no games scheduled on long weekends.
  • WEEKAY DAY REP League:  Games are played on weekdays at Home or Away.
  • Houseleague FALL & WINTER programs:  Games are played on Sunday in Oakville.

What times are the games played?

  • Learn To Play Program:  Saturday mornings at 9AM and 10AM.
  • Houseleague & Select Spring programs:  Games times vary from week to week Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. A typical Regular Season Schedule is a couple Friday night games, mostly Saturday with some Sunday gams (it could vary slightly).  Playoff games are played over a weekend during our HMBHL Championship Weekend Tournament.   Games are played at Skyway, Nelson and Mountainside Arena.
  • Houseleague Fall and Winter programs:  Games are played on Sunday between 9AM and 4PM (approximately).  Games are played at the Toronto Rock Practice Faciility in Oakville.

Where are the games played?

The games are played indoors in local Arenas. Currently most or all the games are played at Skyway Arena which is conveniently located near the Burlington/Oakville border.  Games are also played at Nelson and Mountainside Arenas.

How many games per week are there?

In the Houseleague and Select programs there is 1 game per week with the exception of one or two weeks where there might be 2 games. There are no practices.  Our Aces Provincial teams do have practices. 

How many games in total are played? 

The number of games varies by program and age.  Please see the details about each program to get specifics.  Most programs vary from 9 to 11 games per session.

Are there practices? 

The Houseleague and Select programs do not have practices.  The Aces Provincial teams do have practices.