Burlington Bandits REP Ball Hockey

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Burlington Bandits REP Ball Hockey Program


PLEASE NOTE:  Only offered for our ATOM (11-12), PEEWEE (13-14) & Bantam (15-16) Divisions

We have been working with other cities to bring Rep Ball Hockey to Burlington.  The NEW program will be called the Burlington Bandits Rep Ball Hockey.  Our Aces Provincial Teams have been ready for a couple years but by no fault of ours we have been limited to exhibition play while in preparation for the Provincial Championships. 

Our members have asked for Rep League Play and with allot of effort we have something in place for you.  We have been working on this endeavor for some time and are still actively pursuing other centers and teams.  Response to date has been excellent so we need you to register if you are interested.  The season is approaching very quickly. 

The Rep Registration process is currently limited to the BANDITS REP TRYOUT Form.  There is no cost to sign up until you attend the try out sessions which will be $10 per session.

We are offering this program in addition to our House League Weekend program.  Please see the question with answers below.  As we get more questions we will update this page with more answers and any updates that become available.

For all information including cost and game information please read the Questions & Answers below.  Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have.  PLEASE READ ENTIRELY BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR QUESTIONS.

Questions and Answers

Please see below.  There is a shorter summary version followed by more detailed information. 

Summary Q&A Version

Burlington Home games will be weeknights, scheduled for Tuesday and/or Thursday.  Other cities will choose their own Home Game night, we have no control over those but we will provide input as needed.  Tryouts will start in late April with the Bandits Rep Season starting the 2nd week of May.  The season will end the 1st week of July.  There will be approximately 8-10 games including Playoffs.  To register please fill in the BANDITS REP TRYOUT Form.

Do I have to play House League to play Rep?

No, you do not have to play in the Weekend House League program to play for the REP Bandits.  You can choose either program or both.

When are games played?

HOME games will scheduled Tuesday and/or Thursday nights.  Each center hosting games could have a different home night so AWAY games could be on any night.  The season will start the 2nd week of May and will end the 1st week of July just prior to the OBHF Provincial Championship Tournaments.

Is there travel?

Yes, as with any Rep program there is travel when you are the visiting team.  Ball Hockey schedules are very short so the number of times you travel is very limited (you will only have 4-5 away games).  The distance will vary based on your opponent.  You will have Home games in various Burlington Arenas.

How many games will be played?

We are still firming up with the other cities how many games will be played but it will be no less than 9 games including playoffs.

How many games per week are played?

The REP League will be 1 game per week with the occasional 2 games in a week.

Are there Rep practices?

If a team’s Coach wants to have practices they can make arrangements through us to get floor time.  

How much is the cost to play?

The Weekday Rep League cost is about the same as our House League program and includes full uniforms (jersey, shorts & socks) with Rep League and Playoff Game Play.  

Is there a cost to register for the Rep program tryouts?

There is no cost to Register for the Rep Tryouts.  There will be a cost of $5-$10 per Tryout Session.  The tryouts will be in late April and early May.

How many and when are Tryout sessions?

Tryouts will start in late April.  We have an extremely tight timeline so there will only be a couple of sessions.

How many players on a team?

Each team will have a set of 16 uniforms.  There is no roster cap until playoff rosters need to be submitted by each center.  The intent is to use this Rep Program along with the House League program to evaluate and recruit Aces Provincial team players.

How do I register?

Please fill in the attached form and email back to the office at info@hmbhl.com or fax it to 905-681-8497.

What Rep age groups will be offered?

Based on reasonable expectation, we can’t floor a team in every age group.  Realistically based on the size of the Provincial tournaments and feedback from other centers, we will have the most success in the Atom, Peewee and Bantam age groups.

Are the Rep Teams also the Aces Provincial Teams?

No, they are still separate entities as some of our Aces Players will not be able to commit to the Rep Bandits Rep League play.  We expect the Rep program will supply skilled players for the Aces Provincial teams.  We are hoping this becomes are development tool.

Do you need Rep Coaches and how do I become a Coach?

Yes, we are actively needing seeking Coaches.  Priority will be given to those who have the appropriate qualifications.  Please fill out the HMBHL coaches Application Form and complete the Respect In Sport Certification.

We know there are many more questions to be answered.  We will add more content as it becomes available, please check back occasionally for updates.

Bandits REP Registration Form.pdf